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PORTS provides expert assessments of mental health and wellbeing.

These assessments are designed to identify:

  • Symptoms and severity of mood, anxiety, and substance use disorders
  • Other factors affecting mental health
  • Risk of self-harm
  • Protective factors
  • Recommendations for treatment, developed in consultation with the patient

Following initial contact from PORTS, patients are invited to do the first part of their assessment online, which is followed by a telephone interview. If you don’t have access to the internet, the entire assessment process can be done over the telephone. In the follow-up call, the PORTS therapist will discuss the results and provide helpful, tailored recommendations about treatment options. Your PORTS therapist will also provide feedback to your referrer.

After the assessment, a brief, easy to read assessment report is then sent to the patient and to the referring health professional. If a patient has selected a treatment option through PORTS, we arrange their enrolment, often on the same day as the call.

Health professionals are welcome to contact PORTS with any questions about the assessment or patient.