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For Patients

PORTS is a virtual mental health service for people in WA. PORTS supports GPs and other health professionals to refer their patients to get expert assessment and treatment for symptoms of low mood, depression, stress, anxiety and substance use problems. PORTS services are available to residents of WA aged 16 years and older, low-income, and have been referred by a GP or another health professional.


How do I access PORTS?

Speak to your local GP or mental health provider about referring you to PORTS.

When can I use PORTS services?

PORTS operates Monday- Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm AWST (except Public Holidays) with therapists available for contact during these hours.

Once enrolled in a treatment course you can access course materials 24/7 at your convenience.

Who are PORTS? About our Team

The PORTS team comprises experienced and registered mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychiatrists, mental-health workers, GP liaisons and researchers who are committed to reducing barriers to effective care. Our team built and operate the national MindSpot Clinic which, unlike PORTS, only offers virtual mental health services direct to consumers.

Eligibility - Can I use PORTS services?

PORTS services are available to residents of WA aged 16 years and older, financially disadvantaged (eg. Health Care Card or unemployed), and have been referred by a GP or another health professional. Speak to your GP or health professional if you are interested in learning more about PORTS.

People under 16 years can be referred by their GP to CABIS, a service run by ORS Psychology. ORS provides face to face brief intervention psychological services for children and adolescents with mild to moderate mental health concerns in Metropolitan Perth (click here to access a referral form, or PHONE ORS Psychology on 1800 000323 during standard office hours (8:30 to 17:00).

What services are offered by PORTS?

PORTS provides expert assessments, treatment, and referrals for people living in WA with symptoms of low mood, depression, stress, anxiety and substance use problems. Our services are described below:

1. Assessment

The aim of the assessment is to provide you with a good understanding of symptoms that might be troubling you, and treatment options. Once referred by your health professional, a member of the PORTS team will contact you to invite you to complete an assessment.

You can do most of your assessment online, following by a telephone interview. Or you can do the entire assessment via telephone. Your PORTS therapist will then discuss your results with you, and will provide helpful, tailored recommendations about treatment options. Your PORTS therapist will also provide feedback to your referrer.

2. Treatment

PORTS offers a range of treatment options for people with symptoms of anxiety and depression and substance use problems. Our treatments are evidence-based and employ the well-tested principles of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Treatment options include:

  • Brief structured telephone support: You can choose to receive a series of weekly phone calls, during which your PORTS therapists will discuss your difficulties, and help you resolve them.
  • Treatment courses: These are available via workbook or online, and are designed to empower people to learn practical psychological skills for overcoming symptoms. These 8 week courses are provided in conjunction with weekly support and monitoring by your PORTS therapist, who will guide and support you.
  • Referrals to other services: If available, and in consultation with your referrer, we can help you access other services. These include access to face to face psychological treatment at ORS Psychology. The ORS Psychology service is available to provide face to face treatment across Perth. ORS Psychology is a high quality, and effective service that provides free face to face treatment.


PORTS has been developed by the teams who created and operate the eCentreClinic and MindSpot Clinic at Macquarie University. The treatment courses used at these clinics are internationally recognised as highly effective and safe. Our treatment courses:

  • Have been co-designed in collaboration with more than 6,000 people from across Australia
  • Have now been used by more than 15,000 people at the National MindSpot Clinic
  • Produce significant clinical improvements in at least 70% of people
  • 95% of patients report they would recommend the treatments to a friend with similar symptoms
  • You can read scientific reports of our treatments by clicking here

How much does it cost?

PORTS is funded by the West Australian Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA), to provide free services to health professionals and patients in WA.

I want to know more

For any additional information about PORTS, please contact us here.