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How to Refer to PORTS

How to Refer to PORTS

Referring to PORTS is easy.

PORTS serves WA residents:

  • aged 16+ years
  • with symptoms of mild to moderate anxiety, depression, or substance use problems
  • who are agreeable to assessment and treatment options provided over the telephone or internet
  • who are financially or geographically disadvantaged and may have difficulty accessing services
  • To help support ongoing care, a GP connected to the patient must be listed on all referrals from health professionals who are not GPs.

GPs and other Health Professionals in Metro WA (Perth North and Perth South)

Health Professionals can refer a patient to PORTS directly through the following methods:

  • Registering to be a PORTS user, and then referring via a secure online form
  • Printing a referral and sending a fax to 02 9475 0249
  • Direct referral from supported practice software
    • Download the referral template for Best Practice here or search for the PORTS Clinic referral in “Templates” in your Best Practice medical software
    • Download the referral template for Medical Director here
    • All other medical software – please upload the referral form as per your system requirements
    • Health Link referral: EDI accessmq
  • Call PORTS on 1800 176 787 (1800 1 PORTS) to make a referral by telephone or discuss any issues with referring to PORTS
  • Importantly, email is not considered a secure referral pathway and we advise against referring to PORTS this way. Please use the other referral methods listed above or contact us to discuss other secure ways of sending patient information.

GPs in Country WA

GPs in Country WA can refer a patient to PORTS via the WAPHA commissioned mental health service in each region. For more information on mental health services and referring in Country WA, contact WAPHA.

Integrated Mental Health Care Providers (WAPHA Commissioned) – Country WA

PORTS is available to provide digital mental health treatment for your patients who require or prefer either a telephone or internet/postal option. All PORTS treatment programs are fully evidence based and suitable for regional clients who may find it difficult to attend a clinic. On completion of your assessment, if your patient is appropriate, referral is as easy as sending your assessment information to PORTS along with the referral form. Please note that it is currently not possible to attach documents to referrals made by the PORTS dashboard, so please send assessment notes separately if referring this way. Please contact PORTS on 1800 176 787 for further advice on how to securely send additional information.

Want to Know More?

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