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For GPs in Metro (Perth North and Perth South)


How do I refer a patient to PORTS?

Referrals to PORTS can be made by a range of options, including online, fax and phone. Please see information HERE or contact us

Should I register for PORTS dashboard?

Registering for PORTS dashboard will allow you to access up-to-date information on your patients’ progress with PORTS, including questionnaire scores and access of materials in our treatment programs. You can also download their assessment and post-treatment reports. The PORTS dashboard is also an easy way to refer new patients to PORTS. We recommend using the dashboard to access these benefits, but you can refer by the other methods listed on our webpage.

Click here to register for PORTS dashboard or log in. You can also call us on 1800 176 787 (1800 1 PORTS) for assistance.

I need to enter an email address for my PORTS dashboard account. What email addresses can I use?

Part of our information security framework and a requirement of the Privacy Act is that each referrer has a unique identifier, which is their email address. For this reason, we request that referrers use an individual email address and do not use a shared email address (for example, a practice email address). Referrers working across multiple clinics will require separate accounts for each clinic to ensure patient updates are sent correctly.

If you don’t have an email address or don’t want to use your email address but would still like to use PORTS dashboard, please contact us and we can set up a PORTS dashboard account for you.

How do I receive updates about patients I have referred?

As standard practice, we send you a receipt of referral and notify you of the outcome of your referrals by mail or fax to your practice address. Copies of patient reports are also sent to your practice. If you have created a PORTS dashboard account, you can log in and access available reports at any time during your patient’s involvement with PORTS.

Where is PORTS located?

Our PORTS clinical team currently operates from Macquarie University, New South Wales, with our partners ORS Psychology offering local face to face sessions across a number of sites in Perth. Please note that calls from PORTS may appear from an NSW 02 number. A WA PORTS clinic will be opening mid-2020 in Northbridge, offering increased access to our services – updates will be available via this website.

How can I refer to the ORS Psychology face-to-face service in Metro Perth?

From 1st April 2018, all referrals for the ORS Psychology service must be received through PORTS. To learn more about how to refer to PORTS, click HERE.

After receiving your referral, your patient will be assessed through the standard PORTS assessment process and we will complete referral to ORS Psychology if this remains the person’s preference. For more information, see the “What to Expect” section of our website HERE, or contact us for more information. If needed, ORS Psychology can be contacted on 1800 000 323.

Based on the assessment and the preferences of you and your patient, your patient can be referred directly to ORS Psychology on the same day the assessment feedback is completed. PORTS will update you on this outcome and ORS Psychology will provide further updates after this point.

Please note ORS Psychology have a limit on the number of sessions they can provide to people per financial year. You can contact them for further information.